My Mind

Scheduled Release: August 2nd, 2019 

“Lost My Mind” is Brooklyn-based Irish pop artist Lydia Ford’s sophomore release of 2019. Together with German producer, Polar, they produced a bittersweet pop song with slick electronic production. Reminiscent of  LANY or the 1975, Lost My Mind gives us insight into a one-sided relationship where Ford recalls intimate moments with melodic hooks.  

Written and performed by Lydia Ford
Produced by Polar

Artwork by Aaron Fahy
Distributed by AWAL

Lost My Mind - Lydia Ford
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Lydia Ford is a 25-year-old electro-pop artist hailing from Mayo, Ireland. She writes dreamy and sincere pop songs that balance light, airy musicality with deeper and more introspective lyrics. Ford grew up in a musical household - her sister banged out Rachmaninoff every Saturday morning, while car journeys with her mom involved a dose of Bruce Springsteen and Fleetwood Mac. At the age of 9 she picked up the guitar, inspired mainly by her adoration of pop-punk star Avril Lavigne. From there, she began writing and developing her own songs.

Moving to Brooklyn in 2016, Ford’s music evolved to take inspiration from her subway rides rather than the green coast of the west of Ireland. While the pop elements remain, life experiences and her formative twenties added a bittersweet approach to her lyrics.


Taking inspiration from the production of acts like Sigrid, The Chainsmokers and Lauv, Lydia incorporates elements of slick electronic production and gritty Avril Lavigne-esque guitars. Lydia records, produces and releases her music independently, along with the help of
Berlin-based producers Steam Phunk and Polar. 

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